April 25th, 2009 - LeftMastaMike and his merry crew of cheesy cohorts will be heading down to Los Angeles (for the 1st time!) to represent at the 1st 7th Annual National Grilled Cheese Invitational and hopefully bring another 1st place home for the left side.

Come enjoy sammies of all kinds and support our journey by picking up our 2nd T-shirt @ the event!!!!! In honor of this fierce and fun competition I have made 50 Limited Edition Grilled Cheese Shirts available only at the event!!!! If you want to forever remember the secret to success then pick up this shirt so you never forget (nor anyone who sees it)! I'm so confident in my recipe that I am sharing it w/ the world on a T-shirt. 20 of the 50 shirts will be for sale as the "Complete Grandma's Grilled Cheese Grilling Package" which will include one T-shirt, one history of Grandma's Grilled Cheese info card, and one autographed and specially designed brick used during the competition!!!! Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to own a piece of history! Then you won't just be a lefty like will also be a cook like me!

Follow me as I prepare for this epic journey at my blog and prepare for some pre and post pics of the whole thing at my flickr.

Feb 23, 2009 - VICTORIOUS. I took 1st place at the GCI @ Dolores park and had a wild and crazy fun time doing it. Huge shout out to my friends, my fans, my old runner, and the new ones. I have to give the biggest props to my grandmother TT who taught me everything I know. Stay tuned for a possible cooking demo in SF coming soon!!!!!

Feb 23, 2009 - Link on Laughing Squid!!!! Link is for my Flickr page which can be found here. Woo-hoo! Go check out their wonderful site which includes a bunch of other articles, photo series, and other randomness from the event. Looks like I might need to start designing a special LLM shirt just for the L.A event in April. Definitely need to represent....and figure out how the hell I am getting to L.A. and where the hell I am going. I hear they have a lot of packed roads and nothing else..........

Feb 21, 2009 - I will be sporting and selling my Obama shirt at the 2nd Annual National Grilled Cheese competition in hope's of a first place and a chance at taking on the SoCal hoard in their hometown. May the cheesiest sandwich win. Stay tuned for some blogging and picture taking of the event.

Jan 20, 2009 - Barrack H. Obama becomes 44th President of the United States and becomes the 44th Page about lefties. But what makes this 44th round different for each of them? Hope and Change. President Obama hopes to inspire all Americans to stand up again and unite for a necessary change here in the United States. We hope to bring about daily discussions, displays, demonstrations and even donations that will help to change our very selves. One of our first promises to change that we plan to commit to during our course of history is that 10% of all profits will go to the Ocean Conservancy. The reason for this choice is because although I know that Mr. Obama will deliver on many of his promises, I also know that it is the environment that often gets neglected first. Therefore, in our support to Obama and the people that support we vow to join the change from Day 1. So welcome and enjoy the site.

Jan 20, 2009 - First print released. Print entitled "Obama and Mii". Of course we could not pick a better man to start our focus on for our site than President Obama as he is truly shaping up to be a historical of both politics and palms. This shirt is the first in what will be a series of lefty Obama inspired shirts. The shirt has Obama going 2.0 as an Obama mii (or Obamii, see blog) raising his hand in pride with the text "Obama Lefty Like Mii" written. Each shirt comes with a personal Mii iron-on patch for you to place wherever you want (although we are supporting the left sleeve.....). Once you place your order you will have the option to send one of the following: a picture of you (file size <2MB), a picture of your mii (file size <2MB), or send your mii to me (Wii # mailed with confirmation email). Quantities are limited. Each shirt will have a unique iron on theme to make them always slightly different than the next so stay tuned!

Jan 20, 2009 - See Forums for Site Launching Contests and Give-a-Ways. See blog for our first guest blogger.....Obamii himself!

Jan 20, 2009 - T-Shirt release party for the "Obama and Mii" T-shirts at Fat City in SF on January 20, 2009 all night long. Shirts will be $12 all night long and $2 off for lefties (with signature proof and/or political party proof!)